Considerations in Choosing a Therapist

Since I have been a therapist for a number of years now, I have often been the first therapist a person has seen.  Other times I’ve heard about people’s difficulties and frustrations in finding the right therapist.  And since a certain match and the right expertise are essential, I may not always be the bestContinue reading “Considerations in Choosing a Therapist”

Parenting: Harnessing the Power of the Cell Phone

If you have a teenager, chances are he or she is glued to his or her cell phone at this very moment.  (And I would bet that’s probably how you’re reading this- but that’s beside the point, right?)  Today, teens are on their phones all of the time- texting, Snapchatting, Instagramming, gaming, and so forth. Continue reading “Parenting: Harnessing the Power of the Cell Phone”

NEW: Summer 2014 Social Skills Groups

This summer I have decided to offer two social skills groups for adolescents in my office in Chester Springs.  The groups are co-ed and one will be for middle school (for adolescents entering 6th-8th grades) and the other will be for high school (9th-12th grades). I have worked with adolescents for over 10 years andContinue reading “NEW: Summer 2014 Social Skills Groups”