11 reasons why a friend is not a therapist

Most of us have heard things like, “I don’t need a therapist- that’s what friends are for”, or “Why would I pay someone so I can talk about my problems? I have friends”. You may have said these things yourself. Yes, friends (or family) can be good sources of support, and it’s great we don’tContinue reading “11 reasons why a friend is not a therapist”

Do just one thing…

I speak with people all of the time, frustrated with themselves for being unable to make a change, or unable to stick to anything to get the results they want.  Sure, life gets busy, or things happen, or our motivation waxes and wanes.  Or maybe the actions we need to take are too hard, it’sContinue reading “Do just one thing…”

“I’ll (blank)…as soon as I (blank).”

Complete the statement. How often do you find yourself saying (or thinking) that?  I included blanks because there are so many common examples. “I’ll play with you…as soon as I clean up the kitchen”… “I’ll do my work…as soon as I finish these episodes of Game of Thrones”… “I’ll go to bed…as soon as I finishContinue reading ““I’ll (blank)…as soon as I (blank).””

Don’t hate… compensate!

As a psychologist I work with a lot of people who want to make a change in their lives.  They want to be more outgoing, assertive, or confident…less depressed, anxious, or boring…and so on.  We could probably all benefit from making one change or another. I have found myself lately writing about making changes.  It’s myContinue reading “Don’t hate… compensate!”

Money-Saving Strategies for the Psychology Intern

In 2011-2012 I was on my predoctoral internship, the capstone year of a 5+ year doctoral program in psychology. This is full-time, so I had to leave my job of 6 years, taking a 50% pay cut in the process. FYI, a “good-paying” psychology internship pays about $20,000 per year, which at 40-50 hours a weekContinue reading “Money-Saving Strategies for the Psychology Intern”

Everyday Mindfulness: 5 Easy Strategies for Mindful Living

Mindfulness has become really big over the past few years, and as a psychotherapist I try to educate clients about it whenever possible. Mindfulness can be defined, quite simply, as a state of active, open attention to the present. When we’re mindful, we consciously observe our thoughts and feelings from a distance, without making judgmentsContinue reading “Everyday Mindfulness: 5 Easy Strategies for Mindful Living”

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

It seems that every month is some sort of health awareness month- from Thyroid Awareness Month (January), to Alcohol Awareness Month (April), to National Breastfeeding Month (August), or Safe Toys and Gifts Month (December). It’s impossible to keep track of them all, but here is a calendar of the current such “months” in the U.S.Continue reading “September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month”