Finding Balance over the Summer

No school, lighter schedules, and fewer responsibilities can mean more idle time- much different from our usual, busy routines. Couple this with hot weather, and kids can become bored, tired, irritable, and so on. Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but it can get to be too much- and long before school returnsContinue reading “Finding Balance over the Summer”

How Old is Too Old? (And 5 Reasons Why the Answer is “No”)

I came across this article last week, “How old is too old to skateboard?”  The author talks about “skate geezers”, men he says are too old to be riding skateboards and to be “thinking they’re cool”.  He brings up valid points- that falling hurts a lot more when you’re older (it does), injuries may have more consequences (like missed work or lostContinue reading “How Old is Too Old? (And 5 Reasons Why the Answer is “No”)”