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Teletherapy or telehealth- or telepsychology, since I am a psychologist, is similar to in-person therapy, but is provided via technology, usually video conferencing.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, more people have become familiar with telehealth, perhaps meeting with their primary care physician or a specialist this way due to social distancing guidelines. Though therapists have offered teletherapy for a number of years now, most have started offering it due to COVID-19.

As a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist, I am able to meet with anyone residing in PA using teletherapy (unfortunately I cannot meet with clients in other states, as I would need to be licensed there as well). Teletherapy can be provided online only, or can be used to add flexibility for in-office clients. I use a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform (Spruce Health) to provide this service, which clients can access on a laptop or a smartphone.

Though I started seeing new clients only through teletherapy during COVID-19, I am continuing to provide this service. Advantages include:

  • the ability to see clients who live in PA but not near the office
  • the ability to see clients who lack or do not have consistent transportation
  • the ability to see clients who have difficulty leaving their homes
  • the ability to see clients who might ordinarily miss sessions due to colds or other symptoms
  • the ability to offer services to clients who live in areas with no or few providers
  • the ability to provide a flexible option for clients who may have difficulty meeting consistently due to work or other conflicts
  • and, the ability to offer continued care during a crisis like COVID-19.

*Please note, not all insurance plans cover teletherapy services, though most are during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check with your insurance company for questions.

Please contact me or call me at 610-482-4496 if you would like to discuss an appointment.