Substance Abuse Assessments

For questions or appointments, contact me at 610-482-4496 or

If you believe you may have a substance abuse or addiction issue, if you question whether a partner or family member does, or if you or a family member have been ordered by a court to have a substance abuse assessment, I provide assessments in my office.  This includes a comprehensive history and a review of any relevant records.  Substance abuse assessments also include a drug screen, which is administered at a lab off-site.  If indicated, I will provide treatment recommendations, which range from outpatient treatment, to intensive-outpatient, residential/inpatient (short or long-term), or detoxification.  I provide outpatient therapy for substance abuse, but can also provide referrals for other providers/treatment centers if requested.  I will also provide referrals for higher levels of care if needed.

Assessments are scheduled for 2 hours.  In the event of a court-ordered evaluation, I will communicate the recommendation to you, and with your permission I will provide the required documentation to the court or to an attorney (i.e. attendance and treatment recommendations).

If you have any questions about assessments for substance abuse, including whether an assessment might be necessary, please contact me: 610-482-4496 or


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