Individual Counseling

IMG_20200504_163233For questions or appointments, contact me or call 610-482-4496.

I provide individual counseling or therapy to individuals 18 and older. Although I may at times make an exception and see someone younger, I work best with adults and those entering life beyond high school.

I work with men and women on a variety of issues, but my caseload is about 80% male at any point in time. If you believe I might be a fit for you or someone you care about, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss it.

What can you expect in individual counseling?

Individual counseling or therapy starts with an initial consultation, so that I can learn about you and your concerns, goals, and relevant history, including any history of treatment. I will also briefly talk about the process of therapy and any policies and procedures you need to know.

Sessions (45-55 minutes each) typically take place once per week, though they may be twice per week if indicated. I do see clients on a biweekly or even a monthly basis, but prefer weekly visits to start if possible in order to develop our relationship and to gain some momentum on treatment goals. I provide short-term (a few sessions to a few months) and longer-term therapy, depending on client need and appropriateness. We would meet until your goals are met or until clinical benefit has been maximized.

I see clients for many different concerns, who may have a history of treatment, or who may have never seen a therapist before. I respect everyone who chooses to come into my office and I will work hard to get to know you and to help you in any way that I can.

Given that I am a professional who is providing a service, clients are free to discontinue or take a break from therapy at any time they choose. I respect clients’ right to end therapy or to find a different therapist if they choose. Sometimes it’s not a fit, someone might prefer a female therapist or one with different expertise, or they may decide life is too hectic to commit to regular therapy. Whatever the reason, I will always provide referrals or resources if you wish. And whenever our work together should end, clients are also free, and encouraged, to get back in contact if they wish to return to therapy at any point.

Interested in discussing an appointment? Contact me or call 610-482-4496.


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