Family Therapy

For questions or appointments, contact me at 610-482-4496 or

Family therapy starts with an initial consultation, so that I can learn about your concerns, current situation, and relevant history, while devising a treatment plan.  At times, clients come to treatment individually, but later decide they want to address family issues.  Sessions (50 minutes each) typically take place once per week, though they may be twice per week if indicated.  During this time we will work toward your goals in a confidential, supportive environment.  If requested or necessary, I may refer members of the family to another therapist for individual counseling.  Toward the end of treatment, sessions may take place on a biweekly or monthly basis.  Though you will complete treatment at some point, the relationship is left open-ended in case you choose to come back at another time in the future.

I see clients who have a history of treatment, as well as many who have never seen a therapist before.  Sometimes the whole family is on board with counseling, while others one or more members may choose not to participate.  Should this be the case, we can discuss what might work best for your situation.


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