Consultations and Assessments

For questions or appointments, contact me at 610-482-4496 or

Are you unsure of whether a problem is serious enough to require professional help?  Unsure if counseling or an evaluation is for you or a loved one? If so, I often provide consultations to discuss these situations.  I will gather information and any relevant history, and will provide my clinical opinion, resources, or treatment recommendations.  If appropriate, I can then provide an assessment or treatment services, or I will provide you with referrals.  We can discuss what you would like or are comfortable with.

I also provide assessments of mental health for the purposes of meeting legal obligations.  Although I do not do certain types of work, such as child custody evaluations or evaluations of competency, I do provide mental health and substance abuse assessments.  In this case I will provide a consultation to discuss your current situation and relevant history, also reviewing any records if necessary.  If treatment is requested or ordered, I will provide treatment services or I will provide you with appropriate referrals.



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