Life Coaching

IMG_20200504_163250For questions or appointments, contact me or call 610-482-4496.

Do you feel like you don’t necessarily have “problems”, but you could benefit from someone to help get or keep you on the right track? Are there skills you need to learn?  Is there more you want to achieve in life?

Coaching, or life coaching, is broadly defined. Different from counseling or therapy, coaching is a more directive and perhaps a more specific process that can help you to set or refine goals, determine priorities, be more productive, and become more effective or successful.  Coaching can help you to be more organized, can help you add structure to your life, and can help you to accomplish more, personally or professionally.

Coaching sessions can be provided on an ongoing basis, or periodically as requested.

*Coaching services are typically not covered by health insurance, as these services are not considered treatment and thus are not “medically necessary”. It is possible that at least a few sessions could be authorized through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), however. Check your benefits to confirm.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss an appointment, or call 610-482-4496.

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