About My Services

As an independent psychologist I will work with you from your initial contact to the conclusion of any treatment to reach your goals. If any other services are recommended I will provide you with referrals or resources, and if you or I decide a different provider may be best for your situation, I will work to connect you with that person.

For questions or appointments, please contact me at 610-482-4496 or drmatthewspsych@gmail.com

As a clinical psychologist, I provide the following services:

– Individual therapy

– Consultations and assessments

– Speaking engagements on various topics

Please contact me if you have questions about my services, my approach, availability, or fees.  I operate a mixed fee-for-service and insurance-based practice.  If you hope to use insurance benefits to support your treatment, please ask me about network participation or if the desired service is typically reimbursable (and you may check with your insurance company first to verify that I am in-network).  If you are seeking out-of-network reimbursement for services, I will happily provide you with the documentation you need to support your claims.

Please contact me for questions or appointments: call 610-482-4496 or e-mail drmatthewspsych@gmail.com.

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