Matthews Counseling & Coaching Welcomes New Practitioners

After five years of solo private practice in Chester Springs I have formed a group. I love practicing in my home community, and I hope to be able to reach more people, while providing a broader range of services. Please check out our new website to find information about the practice or our new providers.Continue reading “Matthews Counseling & Coaching Welcomes New Practitioners”

Seeking a therapist to join the team!

As Matthews Counseling & Coaching grows and I’m often on a wait list or referring potential clients to other providers, it’s time to add another therapist to meet the needs of the community. I’m looking for someone part-time to start, but this could become a full-time opportunity if desired. I’m very eager to meet theContinue reading “Seeking a therapist to join the team!”

Always running late? Be realistic, and stop gambling with time.

Clients often bring up their struggles with running late, and this can be evident in chronic lateness to appointments. Admittedly, I’m often pushing it as well. This is common in adults with ADHD, and those who are otherwise disorganized. These people often don’t prepare, they misplace important items, or they misjudge how much time theyContinue reading “Always running late? Be realistic, and stop gambling with time.”

Why some therapists don’t take insurance

This is a hot topic among therapists, and certainly among potential clients who may be frustrated by this. In an ideal world you could see whichever therapist you wanted, he or she would be taking new clients, and that therapist would take your insurance. And, you would owe not more than a small copay perContinue reading “Why some therapists don’t take insurance”

11 reasons why a friend is not a therapist

Most of us have heard things like, “I don’t need a therapist- that’s what friends are for”, or “Why would I pay someone so I can talk about my problems? I have friends”. You may have said these things yourself. Yes, friends (or family) can be good sources of support, and it’s great we don’tContinue reading “11 reasons why a friend is not a therapist”

Upset over things you can’t control? Maybe it’s unrealistic expectations.

As a psychologist, I often see that what often drives many emotions, like frustration, anger, sadness, or disappointment is unrealistic expectations. When we have something we expect, and this is not what happens, we are likely to feel a certain way, which then leads us to react accordingly. We may lash out, complain, speak negatively,Continue reading “Upset over things you can’t control? Maybe it’s unrealistic expectations.”

When you might let go of family or friends

One area I have come to specialize in as a psychologist is relationships. Love relationships, family relationships, and friendships can become problematic or a source of stress for all of us, but more and more I hear from people who repeatedly give in their relationships, but they get very little back. And many relationships areContinue reading “When you might let go of family or friends”

6 Ways to “Have Time”

“I don’t have time to exercise…eat healthy…pack my lunch for work…get my hair or nails done…buy groceries…save money…read…watch TV or movies…see friends…write…draw…”, and so on. These days it is tough to have time to do anything, especially if you work, have a family, have kids involved in activities, etc. With so many responsibilities, sometimes competingContinue reading “6 Ways to “Have Time””

Midlife Crisis? …or, Midlife Awakening?

Song: “Courage to Grow” from album of the same title by Rebelution (2007); Video with lyrics: Grace Berdan (Youtube, 2012)… (I added a video this time because I like the band, and I also thought the song really fit this post) As a psychologist and someone in “midlife”, I hear people talk about midlife crises allContinue reading “Midlife Crisis? …or, Midlife Awakening?”