Social Media/Internet Policy

Communicating Online and the Use of the Internet

I have websites and blogs ( and, a professional Facebook page, a professional Twitter account, and professional Instagram pages. My clients are welcome to view and share the content I have on these pages. They are informational only, however, and are not considered treatment or professional advice. I also have a Linkedin account to connect with other professionals.

As my primary concern is to be of service to you, I do not accept invitations from clients to network on these sites. This is a common practice in my field, as psychologists are most likely to be of help to their clients if they do not enter into relationships outside of the office.  This practice also helps to protect your privacy.  If you have questions or concerns about this, please let me know.

It is also not my practice to do Internet searches on my clients. I am not a detective, of course, and I generally rely exclusively on the information clients have agreed to provide for me in working with them. However, in matters that could involve significant safety or risk issues (both mental and physical), I reserve the right to use this source of public information. This is very rare in my practice, but I mention it here for your information, should this ever become necessary.

This policy may not cover every possible situation involving the Internet or social media, but if a situation arises that you may have a question about, I encourage you to ask.

*Portions of this policy have been adapted from Dr. David Pamiter, a psychologist in Pennsylvania and former Pennsylvania Psychological Association president.  You can view his website here or here.

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