My Philosophy

cropped-screen-shot-2018-01-21-at-1-52-28-pm.pngFor questions or appointments, contact me or call 610-482-4496.

Anyone can benefit from talking with a professional about things like life goals, how to achieve more, how to be happier- and of course, how to deal with life’s problems.

This can include counseling or therapy, when you’re going through a difficult time or trying to manage a more chronic issue.  This can also include life coaching, if you don’t see a particular problem, but want to do or achieve more in your life or if you want to make some kind of change or transition.  If you’re not sure, a consultation can set you on the right path.

Even when you’re not struggling, I see counseling, therapy, or coaching as an investment in yourself, in your relationship, career, or in your family.  Meeting with a trained professional, who can listen without judgment, help you get down to the really important issues, clarify your values, set or refine goals, and help you to work through your concerns, can be really powerful.

Therapists are often compared to medical doctors, in the sense that you go to see one as a reactionary measure when you “have problems”. Even more so, some people see going to a therapist as a last resort! I prefer looking at counseling or therapy as personal training- for your mind. Most people don’t meet with a therapist forever, but when they need it and as a way to learn, gain insight, and develop new skills.

I have been in the mental health field for 20 years and take pride in my ability to connect with people.  I respect differences and appreciate diversity in all its forms.  I strive to provide every one of my clients with the best services, individualizing them based on their needs, preferences, and goals.

As a clinical psychologist I understand the value of diagnosis in therapy- to conceptualize your concerns; to formulate an appropriate treatment plan; to effectively collaborate with other professionals; and to allow for patients to seek insurance reimbursement for my services as appropriate.  I do not work with diagnoses, though, I work with people.

If you believe counseling, therapy, or coaching might be helpful, please contact me and I would be happy to talk about it with you.  You can call 610-482-4496.

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