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Screenshot_20200505-160556I am a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and have been in private practice in Chester Springs since 2014. My practice is called Matthews Counseling & Coaching currently includes myself and 2 other therapists: Brian Hickman and Callie Fraser. Check out the practice website for more information.

I grew up in Chester County and am a graduate of Coatesville Area High School. I attended the University of Pittsburgh, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2000. I also earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology from West Chester University in 2004 and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Immaculata University in 2012. I completed my predoctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship at Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems, based in Exton, PA. I currently live in Chester County with my wife, our three sons, and our two dogs.

I wanted to be a doctor from the first time I can remember thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had planned to become a family physician, but from the time I took my first psychology courses, I decided to become a psychologist. Since my first internship at an inpatient psychiatric hospital in Pittsburgh, I knew I had made the right choice. Before becoming a psychologist and having my own practice, I worked in a homeless veterans program at a VA hospital; as a counselor and psychology teacher at a private school for students with learning issues, ADHD, and Autism; in community mental health centers; and in other group private practices. I have a wide variety of experience helping people with mental health and substance use issues.

Outside of my career I have always enjoyed being active. I love running, working in the yard, building or renovating, camping, going to the mountains or the beach, or travelling anywhere new. My biggest passion growing up was skateboarding, and I still tinker with skateboards and ramps with my kids. I also longboard, snowboard, and enjoy trying to surf. My sons have also been very active and I love playing outside with them and watching them play sports like ice hockey, football, and baseball.

As a psychologist I believe that things like depression and anxiety are part of being human and they can affect any of us. We may not handle stress well, we can be prone to anger, we might hold ourselves back, or we might engage in behaviors that aren’t good for us. And it’s not always our fault- life can be hard! So it’s very important that we get to know ourselves, make changes to how we think or what we do, and develop the skills to cope effectively with whatever life brings. We can all live our best lives when we take the time to look inside of ourselves, clarify what is most important to us, and then do what it takes to reach our goals.

I love working with people who want to engage in this process- most of all other men, since historically it has been so hard for them to get themselves to do this. When a person decides they’ve had enough and commits to finding a different way, anything can happen.


If you’re read this far and this sounds like where you are, please get in touch.

If you prefer the phone, call me at 610-482-4496.

Take care!
Dr. Jesse Matthews

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