The Top 10 Reasons to Join the Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA) as an Early Career Psychologist

I have been involved in my professional organizations, the Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) since graduate school.  For me it’s important for a lot of reasons- networking, mentorship, advocating for important issues, and helping to advance my profession.  I have also held leadership positions in these organizations, which is something I plan to continue.  One of the things I have always enjoyed, since being president of my fraternity in college, is getting others excited about something and involved.  Currently I’m the chair of the Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Committee for PPA.  In June I made this list to tout some of the benefits of being part of PPA, and it has been up on the PPA website.  I thought I would share it here, since it will soon be replaced by some new articles we are writing.  For information on PPA, click here.

Top 10 Reasons to Join PPA as an Early Career Psychologist
By Jesse Matthews, Psy.D.

1. Community. PPA is THE place where all PA psychologists can come together as one.

2. Camaraderie. PA psychologists can bond, share their experiences, and find inspiration. This is crucial for staying vibrant and avoiding isolation, and there is no better time to get involved than as an ECP.

3. Networking. PPA provides many networking opportunities, particularly important for ECPs who want to grow and advance in the field.

4. Connection. We are all part of an exciting field, and membership allows psychologists to form new connections, while maintaining existing ones.

5. Mentorship. Given PPA’s growing, diverse membership, it’s a wonderful source of mentors of all kinds.

6. Opportunity to tap into an extensive knowledge base. PPA has knowledgeable members, all in one place. It’s easy to find someone with an answer to your question or an expert in a particular area.

7. Continuing education. PPA offers tons of CEU programs, and opportunities abound on a daily basis, with PPA’s publications, website, listserv, and knowledgeable, accessible staff.

8. Advocacy. PPA advocates for you, your clients, and for the profession of psychology in PA. PPA also provides resources and events for us to focus our own advocacy efforts.

9. Psychology news. At the forefront of psychology news, PPA is a fantastic source of psychology information, particularly about issues pertinent to psychology in PA.

10. Leadership. If you enjoy leadership and a hands-on approach to advancing psychology, there are many opportunities within PPA as well as others ready and willing to support you.

PPA is the organization working for psychology in PA. There are many more reasons to join your professional organization, and there has never been a better time to get involved as an ECP than now. Join today and take advantage of the many benefits that PPA has to offer!



Published by Dr. Jesse Matthews

I'm a practicing psychologist and director of Matthews Counseling & Coaching, a private practice in Chester Springs, PA. I work with clients 18 and older, and my specialties include: depression; addiction/substance abuse; relationships; anxiety; ADHD and behavioral issues; and Autism/Asperger's. Our group works with individuals from tween through older adult, helping them with a variety of life issues. Check out the practice website for information on other clinicians and their services: .

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