I’m now the Clinical Director of the Sequoia Kids Sunday program…

I am happy to announce that I have accepted the position of Clinical Director for  Sequoia Kids  Sunday program.  Sequoia Kids is a social skill development and recreational program for students ages 8-15 who need help improving their social skills.  The program serves students diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, High-functioning autism spectrum diagnoses and learning differences which effect social skills development.  The program is run by  Camp Sequoia , an overnight summer camp for kids who need help with social skills.  The program runs for 2 Sundays a month, from October through May, and incorporates fun activities with a Social Thinking group.   Social Thinking is a framework developed by Michelle Garcia Winner  to help students with average to above average verbal intelligence improve their social cognition.   The Social Thinking approach teaches kids to think within a social context and adjust their communication and behavior accordingly rather than just helping them to memorize surface skills.  I was asked to join the program based on my experience working with this population at Hill Top Preparatory School. In the program I will be facilitating Social Thinking groups ,providing supervision to the group facilitators, and working with the participants parents..  I’m very excited, and looking forward to getting started!  

Published by Dr. Jesse Matthews

I'm a private practice psychologist and director of Matthews Counseling & Coaching in Chester Springs, PA. I provide counseling and coaching services to people ages 18 and up. My specialties include: depression; addiction/substance abuse; relationships; anxiety; ADHD and behavioral issues; and Autism/Asperger's. Our group works with individuals of all ages, families, and couples, and we help people with a wide variety of life issues. Check out the practice website for information on other clinicians and their services: http://matthewscounselingcoaching.com .

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