Dr. Jesse Matthews

Dr. Jesse Matthews


Please contact me with questions or for appointments:

phone: 610-482-4496

e-mail: drmatthewspsych@gmail.com


I’m a clinical psychologist in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania and I help people with many common concerns- from short-term to more chronic issues.  I provide counseling/therapy, coaching, evaluations, and consultations for people 12 and older.  I work independently, but keep a network of colleagues for referrals when appropriate.  I am happy to collaborate with other professionals such as psychiatrists, primary care physicians, or individual or couples’ therapists as well.

My education includes a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree from Immaculata University (2012); a master’s degree in clinical psychology from West Chester University (2004); and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh (2000).  I have been licensed as a psychologist in PA since 2013 and in DE since 2015.

I believe everyone is different.  We all have a variety of strengths and weaknesses; things that bother us; things that get us stuck sometimes; or things we need help to get through.  Talking with a professional about challenges or goals can be a crucial part of our success.  I have an integrated style of helping, including cognitive-behavioral (CBT) as well as person-centered and insight-oriented approaches.  I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but prefer to tailor treatment to the individual.   I love what I do and feel privileged to be able to help people to reach their goals.  And if I’m not the best one to help you, I will do everything I can to find you the right professional to meet your needs.

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my wife and three boys; seeing friends; traveling; getting outside and being active (skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, running, surfing, team sports…and working around the house).  I consider myself a lifelong learner and love to read and learn new things as well.

My website includes information about my practice, and I hope to provide useful information about interesting psychological topics.  Though I may give insights or opinions based on my own personal or professional experience, these are not meant to serve as professional advice.  It is recommended that you see a professional for an opinion on your particular situation, and for any emergent situation, that you dial 911, call your local crisis hotline (in Chester County, PA: 610-918-2100), or visit your nearest ER.