Dr. Jesse Matthews

Dr. Jesse Matthews

Thank you for visiting my website, where you will find information about me, my practice, and how I might help.

For appointments or questions, please contact me:

Jesse Matthews, Psy.D.

PA & DE Licensed Psychologist

phone: 610-482-4496

                                   e-mail: drmatthewspsych@gmail.com

About me:

I’m a clinical psychologist in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania and I help people with many common concerns- from short-term to more chronic issues.  I provide counseling/therapy, coaching, and consultations for people ages 15 and older.  I work independently, but keep a network of colleagues for referrals when appropriate.  I am happy to collaborate with other professionals such as psychiatrists, primary care physicians, or individual or couples’ therapists as well. My goal is to listen, to gain an understanding or your concerns, and to help you to reach your goals. This begins with the initial contact, which will go directly to me, and I will make every effort to respond within a timely manner.

My education includes a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree from Immaculata University (2012); a master’s degree in clinical psychology from West Chester University (2004); and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh (2000).  I have been licensed as a psychologist in PA since 2013 and in DE since 2015. Since I entered the mental health field in 2000 I have gained a wide variety of experience and have developed specialties in things like: depression; anxiety; substance abuse; ADHD and behavioral issues; Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum Disorders; relationships; and work/life balance concerns.

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my wife and three boys; seeing family and friends; traveling and going new places; getting outside and being active (board sports, running, team sports…and working around the house).  I love to learn and to read as well.

My website includes information about my practice, and I hope to provide useful information about interesting psychological topics.  Though I may give insights or opinions based on my own personal or professional experience, these are not meant to serve as professional advice.  It is recommended that you see a professional for an opinion on your particular situation, and for any emergent situation, that you dial 911, call your local crisis hotline (in Chester County, PA: 610-918-2100), or visit your nearest ER. 

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